Roma Dignity

“Roma Memory” Exhibit Premiere at the European Commission

In January, the European Commission  recognized International Holocaust Remembrance Day with a day of recognition of the Roma victims of the Holocaust, which included the premiere of our exhibit, “Roma Memory.” With the voices of European Commission officials, Father Patrick Desbois, President of Roma Dignity Costel Nastasie, Nicolae Caldarar (a Roma survivor of the genocide) and Esma Redžepova, celebrated Roma singer, this day was a deeply moving remembrance of the often forgotten victims of the Holocaust. Below you can watch highlights from the event through a short video clip.

Tribute by President François Hollande

On April 26, 2015 during his commemoration at the former concentration camp of Natzweiler-Struthof, President François Hollande paid tribute to Yahad-In Unum’s research work, in partnership with Roma Dignity, to collect survivors’ testimonies on the Roma genocide.

Recognition by the European Parliament

Laying the groundwork for a path to dignity, on April 16, 2015, the European Parliament officially recognized the Roma Holocaust through the establishment of a unique day dedicated to Roma Holocaust commemoration.

This commemoration stands not only as a recognition of the hundreds of thousands of Roma who were killed during World War II, but also as a breakthrough in the effort to fight against Roma discrimination in Europe today.

Below, watch an interview with Roma Dignity President Costel Nastasie and European Deputy Soraya Post.

Divano Bisterdo