Costel Nastasie

Costel Nastasie is the founder and president of Roma Dignity.

Originally from Romania, he left his country after confronting discrimination and racism at a very young age.

70 years ago, his family was subjected to deportation from their village in Transnistria under the Antonescu regime. The majority of them were not able to return and a large number of families died there from cold and hunger.

Currently, he lives in Brussels as a Belgian citizen. For a number of years, he worked as a Peace Keeper and mediator for the Roma community in Brussels.

With the French organization Yahad-In Unum, he returned to Romania to conduct interviews with Roma who survived the deportation. To this day, their 5 research trips have been completed in Romania and1 in the Republic of Macedonia. These trips have enabled the collection of proof of this little-known genocide.

Since 2013, Costel Nastasie has been the president of the organization, Roma Dignity, the project he envisioned to centralize an archival base and documentation of the persecutions endured by the Roma population during World War II and to teach this history to both young Roma and the public at large.

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